Saturday, 12 April 2014


I'm nearly finished sewing...
I'm nearly at the end....
 Then things will start to go wrong! 
It drives me round the bend!

The garment is just perfect, 
I've really taken care,
All trimmed and pressed and lovely,
But I've looked everywhere....

Where is that flipping button? 
I only need one more.
I know I had the right number
When I bought them at the store.....

I've checked all round the table
I've searched all round the floor.
I am going crazy...
I can't take it any more!

I'll check under this fabric, 
clean up with my broom
Pick up all these threads and bits...
It MUST be in this room!

I think there is a goblin, 
Named Mr Sew-and-sew
He always hides the last thing
So I cant get up and go.

I sigh, and say, I'm tired!
I need to go to bed, 
But I just keep on searching
He's playing with my head.....

I'll just pick up this iron...
I hate that button thief!
Lo and behold, I see it!
It was hiding underneath!

Do you have a goblin,
Your Mr Sew-and-sew
Hiding in your sewing room?
I'd really love to know!


  1. Replies
    1. The lost button from my very last job was hiding under the iron. Maybe I should leave him a treat so he doesn't punish me!

  2. Haha! Brilliant. I figure Mr. Sew-and-sew is there just to make me tidy up my sewing space so I can find my quick unpick/button/pattern piece

    1. Exactly! You got it! Maybe its a tidy fairy instead.

  3. Mr Sew and Sew also interferes with my makeup and hair stuff. He hid my hot roller clips this morning until I was nearly done! :(

    1. Maybe he needed them himself! A cross dresser! (with a lot of buttons on his clothing!)

    2. I'd be a very cross dresser if I had to keep stealing buttons to make my clothes work!

      I love your poem Linda! So clever.

  4. What a privilege to meet you in person, Linda! Many thanks for the hours spent on creating patterns for us. And for your patience. I feel much better equipped to make my own clothes now.

  5. Hey Linda I love this poem! Its so true and I have a theory that the sock gremlim got bored so branched out lol.