Sunday, 21 April 2013

A white shirt

Crochet-embroidered silk-organza jacket by Alexander McQueen
Style 1

I've been reading up about the ideal wardrobe from a few fashion gurus who say one should have a good white shirt. I have ended up an apple shape, not too huge, but tricky to fit anyway, due to a big bust and small hips, and a bit of a tummy. To avoid looking like a ship in full sail, I want to find a style with a bit of shape, that will not gape at my bust line,  be comfortable, and also have a lower hemline with a bit of interest that disguises my round belly without looking like a tent.

Ships? Tents? I see them everywhere!   I absolutely abhor those long-at-the-sides tops and also the tops that drape so beautifully at the front and are shorter at the back, showing off big bottoms. I think , if you are large up top, they just make you huge all over.

These styles show promise.I know they are in different fabrics, I am looking more at the body shape right now.
Any suggestions?
Textured Heart Shirt
style 2
Derek Lam's New Rodeo Girls-Meet-Johnny Cash Collection Is on Amazon Fashion! Could This Be ANY Cooler?
Style 3

DONNA KARAN White Wrap and Twist Top
style 4


  1. Not 3, but I love the others. I love a shaped shirt, they suit everyone. I like the hemline that isn't cut straight across, much nicer to look at. :)
    I also LOVE the detailing on style 1!!!!

  2. Thanks you for your input, yes I am quite keen on all the detail on Style 1 . Its also got lots of secure fasteners so there would be no gaping front area. This is where I found it
    Look at the sale price!!

    1. Oh it is such a steal, you should just buy it! hehehe. And to think, it is perfectly possible to make such a beautiful shirt, and then knowing it would have cost GBP 10k; what a lovely feeling!

  3. Agree with MrsC, not loving number 3 but I love the first image, so beautiful - almost like a light weight jacket, the fastening are subtle so will keep the front flat. Number 2 is classic, never go out of style and number 4 is great too, waist definition, that's what we all like! :)

    1. No 3 looks amazing on a model, but when I look at it on the hanger all I can see is a hot air balloon! So I think that one is in the same category as the tents and ship-in-full-sail. No 1 would look great with a nice pencil skirt or a pair of trousers, quite a formal look. Thanks for commenting! I am so enjoying the sewing community out there!