Monday, 29 April 2013

The magical 27

I have a  fascination with the number 27.Why on earth 27? A few years ago, I discovered Flylady.

 I am a creative, but  a rather scatty and messy person. There is a tidy person in there, that presents herself early in the morning. The second I wake up and look at something, I need to clean it straight away, and  that is usually in my pyjamas , slippers and dressing gown, and I don't get out of them till I have cleared up whatever was bothering me. I call it "Tidy Eye", and my husband shakes his head every time I'm engrossed in some tidying task. Once I shower and dress, that's it. No more tidying up after that! Then I revert to the messy person again.

 Flylady got me thinking in a totally different way, and although I don't follow her advice all the time now, a lot of things have stuck forever, and I'm happy about that. One of her tasks that one should do is The 27-Fling Boogie

Basically, find 27 things that are in the wrong place, or are no longer needed, and either throw them away or give them away. But I usually put them away in their right place. Its amazing, you can look at a surface, say, my sewing table, or kitchen bench, and I'll sort and put away and chuck, counting as I go. It is the strangest thing... more often than not, the total number of offensive untidy items is  27.  Once they are gone, the place that I am tidying looks perfect.It's like magic. And I enjoy having a quick tidy up, counting from 1 to 27 as I go, as it has an end place, and doesn't take forever So, once I discovered how powerful those 27 things could be, I googled "27 things" and of course, I found that it has roots in Feng Shui. 


So, I challenge you all, next time you need to clear a space, count the pieces that need to move. You may be very surprised !                                                                             .

 Feng Shui Hope Activators:

1. Move 27 things in your space – and have fun doing it! They don’t have to be huge items like the bed and TV, you can choose little items from books to lamps to candles. This stirs up the energy in your space, re-infuses your objects with your love, and awakens the feelings that inspired your having them.
2. Bring in fresh flowers – every 3 days for 9 days. Not only do the flowers bring in abundant fresh chi, their fragrance and color will spark transformation.... There's another 27 there...

So the next 27 things I need to donate/change/throw away, will be in my wardrobe. This will be harder than cleaning up a kitchen bench, but in order for the magic to start working in there, the old and unwanted must leave.


  1. I was thinking, why 27? then realises it is 3 x 3 x 3, so that makes sense, as three is such a great number of things. :) I am also a dressing gown tidier! I got it form my mother, who does it too.

  2. Yes , of course! Threes are magical too. 3 flowers in a vase. 3 buttons on a jacket.

    Good to know there are other dressing gown 'tidiers' out there. I just have to avoid digging in my garden, because then my slippers get replaced by gumboots! (and , yes, I have done that quite a few times)