Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Have you heard of Chalkle?

Our wonderful new library and community centre, Te Takere  in Levin, has started a new community teaching concept called chalkle°   Originally started 7 months ago in Wellington, it is community education , but different to the past community education system, which was dissolved in a lot of areas by the present government. I really miss my cooking class that was held every week at the local school, where we made Mediterranean food, and then sat down and had a feast.

Silvia Zuur and Linc Gasking from Enspiral 
have teamed up to create chalkle°. Sylvia was at the launch tonight and explained how they sat down over a cup of coffee and were discussing the demise of community education, and , after quite a few cups of coffee, the concept of chalkle° was born. It has been running in Wellington for 7 months, and is doing very well. 

Levin is the second centre to start the chalkle° classes.The interesting thing is, anyone who feels that they would like to teach a class, on any topic, can join chalkle° , suggest a class, the amount they want to charge, and the days they would like to do it. The coordinator for chalkle° then puts it on the website and away you go!

I happened to hear about the project whan I went to the library and asked if they rented out rooms as I was keen to do pattern making classes. They whipped me in and are very keen for me to do pattern making classes. However, one day before the launch, I happened to say to Kerry, the coordinator, "do you know about pinterest?" She had never seen it before, and before I knew it, was asked to do a class on Pinterest. For a rather slow computer user, but luckily having a big mouth and a lot of enthusiasm, I am going to introduce people to Pinterest, and each week we will actually do or make something we see on the site. I do hope it works... it could be quite fun if I get the right people with the right attitude to come to the class.

And the pattern making? That class will pull in quite a few people I think, but has been postponed till next month.

If you are in Wellington, or the Horowhenua, look up chalkle°. Community education here we come!

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  1. Linda, why not go talk to Lynette Tollis at Cherry pie. She runs classes there and would probably be delighted to host a class or two. :) Chalkle is so cool, too!