Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spots before my eyes

I am feeling dotty, 
the answer is, you see,
Today I did some cutting 
at the factory.
The designer has a fancy
for cloth of brilliant hue,
polka dots a plenty,
 in pink and white and blue.

A cute wee dress called DUSTY
was first to be laid down
Inspiration from the 60's
but the pattern made me frown....
With Polka dots abounding
My eyes had got quite sore.

Once that one was finished,
I had to cut out more!
A swinging shift called WILLOW
with big white polka dots
Chiffon which was ORANGE
My forehead was in knots!

I know that dots are trendy,
I see them every day...
On ladies on the TV
In every colourway.
I hope somebody buys them,
Styles our designer picks.
But I just don't like them,
they make me feel quite sick.


  1. He he, love the poem! I've sewn with polka dots twice, the second time they were decidedly close together and definitely made my eyes go a bit funny! :-)

  2. Thanks Nikki! I wanted to match the dots up, but it was not a good idea with so many garments. I think I have a strange disorder and can't handle strong patterned things, they make me feel very strange.