Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cinderella, you will go to the ball!

Its ball season here in New Zealand. The staff at the high schools cunningly place the ball in the first half of the year, apparently so that the students can get it all out of their systems before the start of the exams build up in the second part of the year. 

I got a call from one of our neighbours who asked if I'd like to make a dress for a lovely young girl called Bethany, who has recently moved out here from England. 

I've never been over fond of the rather straight lines of Chinese dresses, but I have to admit she was a perfect size 10 and the lovely dragon material behaved beautifully, apart from fraying badly on the hemline when she came for a fitting. It was lined in some rather slippery satin, and we decided that we didn't like the original idea of gold braid around the halter neck, so the black satin lining conveniently popped out a wee bit, looking like contrast piping. I'm really please with the result.

I had asked her for a photo, but I'm still waiting,(that happens a lot!) so when I saw all the ball photos on a big board outside the Kodak shop, I decided to be cheeky and take a photo of the photo! Good thing nobody saw me!

If anyone is interested in the pattern, I am learning how to put patterns on the computer, or alternatively I could send a traced off pattern to you. It's good practice, changing my normal stiff and very bulky patterns into something more postable, or pdf-able! Don't be shy... It would look lovely in another fabric too. It has a side zip, and no centre back seam. 2 very high slits up each side!

And this is Angel, Cheryl's cat, enjoying the sunshine while we cut garments today. Cats sure do have the right idea, sit and enjoy the warmth. Another thing I wish I would do more often!


  1. What a lovely dress, and superb fit (of course!). She would have stood out among the sea of predictable frocks there that night :) And I do know that whole thing about photos. I've made some corkers fo school balls and leavers' balls but haven't a single photo to show for it!

    1. Yes! its a real pain. How hard is it to flick a quick photo via email? I don't expect an expensive photo, just a real body in something I've made. How long have you been sewing for people?

    2. And these days it is so much easier - when I started back in the early 80's, it was all real film of course. I made my first wedding dress for my English teacher's daughter in 1982. I'd done quite a bit of dressmaking before then but that is the first I rally remember. Tussah silk and crocheted, hand spun silk tussah lace, very hip. Bridesmaids wore wrap around waisted dresses with triple shawl collars, all in apple green hand dyed tussah. It was lovely actually - different enough to be outside of fashion so I don't look back and cringe like I do over some of the commissions I got back then!

  2. Very elegant! It's beautiful. I agree you should have been sent at least one photo... At least you managed to find these :-)