Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Monthly Stitch effort

This is my inspiration for my first Monthly stitch garment. As it is the anniversary of my mothers passing, and also the month of her birthday, I decided to use this photo as my inspiration.
 But of course, I couldn't find the exact pattern in my daughters stash, and as a pattern maker myself, I don't usually have any commercial patterns . So, using  her Simplicity 2910 pattern as my base, I traced out the pattern, decided I didn't like the collar, and drafted a new front and collar. Then, after cutting out the rather wasteful collar piece, I found I didn't have enough fabric for the pleated skirt that I wanted, so the skirt became a half circle with 4 pleats, 2 in the front, and 2 at the back. So, sadly, the only actual vintage pattern piece I used was the back bodice!

This petticoat is actually vintage, given to my mother by my Dad, when I was very little. In the 60's, when big skirts had given way to more slender lines, I was allowed to wear it and I can remember as a little girl , swirling around and around, making the tulle dance in the air. 

Many years later, I still had the petticoat, and used to let my own daughter wear it. Then one day I let some older girls wear it, and the little monsters climbed up a tree in it and ripped it. I was very distraught, and put it in a bag, to be forgotten for about 20 years. This month, by chance, I found it again, and decided to repair the rips

It was fun to make the dress, I thought I'd make it how my Mum used to make hers, with nice belt loops done by hand, no overlocking, just zig zag seams, (but I did do some french seams on the skirt).

I wore it on the "Whats the deal with Teal?" day because I had assisted in making Crazy Gypsey's dress, and it was sort of the right colour.

We went off for photographs. People did look sideways at this band of Giggly ladies. Then it struck me. We looked like a gay wedding party, with way too many bridesmaids, and I was mother of the bride/groom. AARGH!


  1. Haha, we so did not look like a gay wedding - there was no-one in white! Maybe we looked like escaped members of a wedding party from a bridezilla though...

  2. I love the story behind your dress mama gypsy - it looks lovely!

    1. Thanks very much! It did feel lovely, walking around with the skirt swishing away...

  3. That is so funny! I love your dress though - not a fan of teal hence I didn't participate. (A RED challenge then we'd be talking ;-)). I love that your dress seems very vintage but also perfectly at home in 2013 at the same time :)

  4. I love your dress! (And happen to have that same vintage Simplicity pattern in my stash). It was lovely having you join us for the meet-up, and your dress and petticoat were simply gorgeous.