Sunday, 1 September 2013

Once a maker, always a maker....

Although I've been a bit preoccupied with getting my girl better again, the urge to 'make things' has been lurking around in the background... and this weekend they all seemed to come to a head at the same time! Almost like withdrawal symptoms from a naughty bad habit that you have that you just can't kick, no matter how hard you try, one day you just lose the plot and go on a 'naughty-habit-binge'!

A little while ago on one of my forays into Spotlight, I spied some wool in lovely colours, lots of turquoise, blues, purples and earthy greens and greys, in an interesting twist which made it fat, and then thin. It was in a skein , and I purchased it on the spot, and thought I would make a scarf. I like scarves, I have far too many, but they are so great at turning something fairly boring into something different and 'flash' and they take no time at all to knit, or sew if they are fabric. I never used to like them at all, and then I discovered that as long as they didn't flap in my face, and hang down in front of my rather ample 'ladies' in front, I liked them.

Then I lost my big fat knitting needles. How can you lose big fat ones, for heavens sake? Luckily my Crazy Gypsy came to the fore, she found a pair at her house, so I was off! I knitted a test strip, and it looked awful, all knobbly, and not at all as I wanted. The lovely colour graduations disappeared and it was just darn ugly. I knitted 4 test pieces in all, and each time I wasn't happy. I even gave Buster the dog a piece to rip up, and he couldn't eat it, and abandoned it.

Then I remembered a top my lovely Mum knitted for me  way back in the 80's, where you do clever things with winding the wool around the needle and then dropping the wound up ones on the next row. Bingo! I had found the best way to use the wool to show off the  lovely colours. I started knitting on Saturday...

However, when I went through to the kitchen a few hours later, there I found a whole lot of stuff that my "Tidy Eye" character couldn't avoid, and I had  to clean up the kitchen, the bench top etc. HOWEVER, I did find time to make up a batch of lovely 'Wonder Wax' which I just love. I've got a lovely neighbour who has lots of bee hives, and sells the most lovely raw honey, and he sold me a block of bees wax.
 I heat up plain old salad oil, coconut oil and some bees wax and it makes the most amazing stuff, I use it to clean and  polish my saddle and bridle, I put it on Chocolate Box's (Horse) hooves as nail conditioner, (and on my hands too!) I take off my make up with it, rub it on my legs after a shower, polish my shoes and furniture with it.I know exactly what's in it and you could eat it if the urge hit you and it wouldn't hurt you at all. I did add a bit of essential oil this time so I really don't want to eat it !
 I found a half used pot of Body shop peach body butter and I melted that down and added it to a portion of it, and whizzed it up with a whizzer and it has made the lightest hand cream which smells divine.
Then I grabbed  my new bag of goodies that I got this week.. some henna from LUSH in Palmerston North, at the Plaza, with the dubious name of "Caca"

Whoops its sideways, wont turn round for me, so its staying this way!
Mixed it up.........

I plonked it on my head. My tidy place was getting a little out of hand.  Half way through washing it off in the shower the phone rang, and it was a fishing friend of my husbands, wanting to know if we were coming to see their new house that afternoon, when I was REALLY wanting to go riding with my friend Jill. The shower looked like someone had had an extreme case of diarrhoea which had even reached the ceiling! Washed it all off eventually...

Well, for all the trouble the hair looks fairly normal, not much difference!

I DID manage to have a ride on the beach, and go to see the new house too.

Sunday was Fathers Day and Evan came up from Wellington. We went to Foxton Beach river estuary as he wanted to do a spot of kite boarding. It was sunny, windy, and freezing! Thank goodness I had my knitting in the car!
I made a snood... not enough for a scarf. I love those colours!