Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Too late for the Cape-a-thon...

I am too late to post this on the monthly stitch, which is a shame, because I made this a month or 2 ago, and forgot all about it until I saw it at the wee sewing factory the other day. The owner Cheryl, has a daughter called Jessica. She often comes and watches me make patterns, and we cut things out of cardboard, sometimes fabric. For ages she had asked whether I could make her a red riding hood cloak. Jessica is 16, but has the misfortune in having MS, the youngest person in New Zealand to have it, poor girl. It is affecting her sight, and she has a hard time restraining her very amorous nature, she's very sweet but a bit of a handful!

After helping out at Fabric-a-brac, there was a piece of red velveteen that someone was selling. "that's mine!" I thought, knowing exactly what to do with it.  One Red Riding Hood cape for Jessica. I believe she has even worn it to school, and just loves it.


  1. What a glorious cape and she looks so very happy! Well done!

    1. Thanks! She is a sweet girl, and she loves hanging around me when I'm there. But going blind... not fair, not fair at all.